April 19, 2022

Information Technology Team Works to Drive Positive Change at Post Consumer Brands

Ann Marie, Chief Information Officer at Post Consumer Brands

As the home to more top 50 cereal brands than any other company, our Information Technology (IT) team brings creativity into their roles to best serve our customers and other internal team members, to ensure they are set up for success.

Keep reading to learn about how members of our IT team play a key role in making our breakfast cereals and snacks a reality.

Meet Kayla, Master Data Steward

As part of the data team within IT, Kayla’s role focuses on managing the data records of raw materials, ingredients and packaging to track and manage the resources we use responsibly. “We work with our suppliers during procurement to make sure we are able to receive all materials into our systems so things can run smoothly at our plants,” said Kayla.

As one of the leaders of innovation in the breakfast cereal category, Post Consumer Brands team members strive to think big every day. “It’s never dull at Post,” said Kayla. “I love seeing the creativity that our team is able to come up with.”

Learn more from Kayla, in this video:

Meet Anne Marie, Chief Information Officer

After starting with Post at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Anne Marie is enjoying being back in the office. “I love the chance to meet people in-person who I worked with virtually for my first several months with the organization,” said Anne Marie.

“I think the IT team has a huge opportunity to leverage technology and digital transformation to really drive a lot of positive change for the organization.” It’s an exciting time to be a part of the IT team, and there is a variety of roles available in different areas of information technology.

Anne Marie enjoys her work, adding, “it’s a great place to be, both IT and Post as a whole.”

Hear more from Anne Marie, by watching this video:

If you have a passion for technology, innovation, and celebrating wins as a team, explore career opportunities with Post Consumer Brands and find your place.