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Lucy Westlake, youngest American woman to climb Mount Everest

Grape-Nuts Cereal Awards Nine Fearless Female Explorers

As part of Grape-Nuts cereal’s 125th anniversary, the brand set out to champion many of the amazing female explorers who are boldly exploring the limits of the planet and blazing new trails along the way.

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Old school Post cereal boxes

Five Old-School Cereals That Will Satisfy Your Nostalgic Cravings

These old-school Post® cereals make breakfast cereal fans hungry for nostalgia. Learn more about their iconic history and where to find them today!

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New Malt-O-Meal cereal flavors spring 2022

Five New Flavors Join the Malt-O-Meal Cereal Family

There are now five more reasons to enjoy delicious and affordable Malt-O-Meal cereal in convenient bags.

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New packaging for Malt-O-Meal Fruity Dyno Bites with Marshmallows cereal

Malt-O-Meal Cereal Survey Finds Nearly 3 in 4 Consumers Likely to Purchase Foods from Value Brands

As grocery store prices surge, a new Malt-O-Meal survey finds that nearly 3 in 4 consumers are likely to purchase foods from value brands as they prioritize quality and affordability.

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Crafts Made with Reusable Post Cereal Boxes

Reuse Your Cereal Box or Bag with These Five DIY Crafts and Projects

From crafty storage solutions to confetti poppers, discover five ways you can recycle your cereal box or bag and make something useful, crafty, or fun—just like Post® cereals!

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Grape-Nuts cereal celebrating 125 year anniversary

Grape-Nuts Builds On Its 125-Year Legacy With an Ode To Fearless Female Explorers

The first cereal to scale Everest will award up to $125,000 to a new generation of adventurers.

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Magic Fruity PEBBLES cereal and LeBron James Nike Shoes

Magic Fruity PEBBLES x Nike x LeBron James Collaboration

PEBBLES™ cereal celebrates National Cereal Day with launch of Magic Fruity PEBBLES cereal and LeBron James-inspired Nike sneakers!

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New PEBBLES Products 2022 Shake Ups and Marshmallow Cocoa PEBBLES

PEBBLES™ cereal Introduces Three New Products to Satisfy Your PEBBLES Cravings

NEW PEBBLES Shake Ups! and Marshmallow Cocoa PEBBLES bring the fun to the breakfast table and beyond!

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Post cereal 2021 year in review

A Look Inside the Bowl: Post® Cereal’s 2021 Roundup

A lot of exciting cereal launches and events filled our bowl in 2021! View our recap of how cereal fans enjoyed our cereal this year and unforgettable moments we shared.

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