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I Heart Revolution and PEBBLES cereal lip gloss and eyeshadow makeup

I Heart Revolution Launches Makeup Collaboration with PEBBLES™ cereal

Inspired by Fruity PEBBLES and Cocoa PEBBLES cereals, the colorful collection marks the first-ever food brand-inspired makeup collaboration for I Heart Revolution.

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PEBBLES 50th Birthday Limited Edition Cereal Boxes

PEBBLES™ Cereal Unveils Limited-Edition Commemorative Box in Honor of Its 50th Birthday

PEBBLES is surprising fans with an on-pack promotion with the chance to win presents

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Get ready for free samples: The Dunkin’™ Cereal Tour is headed to a grocery store near you!

The six-state sampling tour is generating excitement for Post Dunkin’ cereals across the East Coast.

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Birthday Cake PEBBLES cereal box

Yabba Dabba Doo!™ PEBBLES™ Cereal Bakes Up New Birthday Cake-Inspired Cereal to Celebrate Its 50th Birthday

Now for a limited time, you can enjoy your favorite birthday celebration staple in cereal form

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Grape Nuts cereal shortage is over and fans can get reimbursed

It’s Official: The Great Grape-Nuts® Cereal Shortage Is Over

Not only can Grape-Nuts fans find their favorite cereal on grocery store shelves — those that purchased it from third-party vendors during the shortage are eligible for reimbursement!

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Story behind Post's Dunkin'™ coffee cereal

Celebrate National Cereal Day with the Story Behind Dunkin’™ Coffee-Flavored Cereal

In July of 2020, Post Consumer Brands teamed up with Dunkin’ to introduce two new cereal flavors made with real Dunkin’ coffee. Dunkin’ Brands sat down with R&D Product Development Scientist at Post Consumer Brands, Maddie Brandt, to learn more about how the Dunkin’-ized cereal came to life!

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Love Your Melon and Fruity PEBBLES™ collection launch

Love Your Melon Launches New Colorful Fruity PEBBLES™ x Love Your Melon Collection

The first-ever food industry collaboration for Love Your Melon arrives just in time for National Cereal Day in honor of PEBBLES cereal’s 50th birthday

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Post Grape Nuts Shortage Return Announcement

Love Is in the Bowl: Grape-Nuts Cereal Announces Updated Return Date

Awww-Nuts! The Grape-Nuts shortage has almost come to an end! Find out when your favorite cereal will finally return to grocery stores.

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Malt O Meal MOM Cereal Crew Program for Coupons and Discounts

Malt-O-Meal® Cereal launching MOM Cereal Crew™ program

The ambassador program provides fans with an opportunity to interact with their favorite cereal brand.

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