Our Story

Innovation is in our DNA, in fact the very first thing we did at Malt-O-Meal was innovate. Going back to 1919, founder John Campbell thought hot cereal was a nutritious breakfast that starts a cold Midwest morning off on the right foot. It’s this spirit of innovation that guides us now, after almost 100 years in the business of making a quality breakfast.

our history is based on the experience of families

Families searching for a delicious and nutritious breakfast find that our Malt-O-Meal is just that. Delicious and nutritious. Take the time to make a healthy breakfast. Preparing Malt-O-Meal is easy and worth the wait…A day’s worth of smiles from 10 minutes of cook time.

legacy of innovation

The Malt-O-Meal hot breakfast is really quite simple…all we really do is take quality Farina from the Midwest, add some barley, sugar, vitamins, and mix it together. The real innovation comes from how we innovate. In the 60s, families asked for flavor, so we brought you coco flavored hot wheat. When you asked for convenient ways to prepare, we brought you a new way to prepare Malt-O-Meal Hot Wheat in the microwave.

Our foundation is built on our original idea to bring a delicious and nutritious breakfast to families…and we have been doing that better for generations. We want to continue that legacy of innovation to make better happen for you and your family today.

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